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Eileen Auditore photography

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 7:09 AM

Hey guys do you have PicsArt? I want show you my incredibly talented freind
Helena Vaculikova :love:

These photos, shared by user Eileen Auditore (@helena-vaculikova), take the natural world and portray it in a heart-stopping mystical beauty. Eileen’s photos tend to take place later on in the day, at night or as the sun is dipping into the horizon. The others are dark simply because forests have a lot of shadows, as the canopy of leaves overhead coat the wild forest floor in darkness and shield them from the sun. The light that is in her shots, for this reason, seems to have an otherworldly element, illuminating small patches in the encroaching darkness, instilling the areas it touches with a radiant glow. The natural world is already a beautiful and mystical place, but Eileen’s use of lighting exploits these elements and pushes them further. She uses the light and the dark to make the already gorgeous forests and flowers she captures scintillate in the bright spots, and brood in the dark ones. The result is a beauty that seems to call you in closer and haunt you at the same time.  

(copied text from PicsArt) 



New movie with Scarlett Johannson

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 3, 2014, 8:12 AM

Ohhh god !!!  I just saw new trailer of movie with Scarlett... I love her :D
I cant wait to watch this!!!

Do you like Scarlett too? 
Which movie with her is your favorite? 

Trailer here -…;

Coulour me challenge - FEATURE

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 2:40 AM


OOOOOOOH woooow .... guys.... i dont know what to say ... i dont have words for you .You all are just INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!!!Every work here is original and unique and absollutely amazing.I love every version here!!!.All the color choices , all the ideas .. just WOW :love: And im so happy you take a time and make my challenge.Its means a lot to me! :hug: .And i hope it was fun!  And because is huge turnout.I will make another challenge soon!I I hope you join again.Last words what i want to say its THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! I love you all!  ENJOY YOUR BREATHTAKING WORKS! 

:bulletblue: (if you dont see your works in this journal feature.Send me a note with link to your work.And  I'll fix it! Thank you )

Colour Me   Challenge1 by OliverHarbourColour me Challenge by Ryky by PortraitOfInnerSelfColor Me Challenge! Ryky by XelandraColour Me   Challenge By Ryky by ninjasatemycookiesColour Me  Challenge Second Submission by WhiteThorn13Colour Me   Challenge By Ryky by Za-Leep-PerColour Me Challenge - ryky by ItsudemoAmaiEgaoColour me Challenge - My version by CreepyPrincess2313Colour Me Challenge - Ryky - Maleficent by pandaaryaColour Challenge by CrispyCh0colateColor challenge by SkellieSkullingtonColour Me Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by ambersonic96Challenge by Ryky by angelsky7Freak by KoyiraColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by CutieDesignscolour me   challenge by Zim reply by zimmarachiColor Me Challenge~ by PumpkinMeadowColour me challenge by aPopsChallenge by turquettiC o l o r M e Challenge by SimbaGurlcoloring practice by ChickenFingerPartyRyky Challenge by GumXThiefColoring Challenge by WhiteCatOfWaterColor Me Challenge Colored by DerpyEscapist
Maleficent by Andrewp27Challenge Piece by MaximillianVonRikerColour Me Challenge by divergent-nephilimColour me challenge - Bringing the night by MarielleJRyky's Colour Me Challenge! by Shiki-MizoRukiGirl coloring 2 by swagatdash43
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Ryky's Challenge by Crystalmoon85Colour Me Challenge by WhiteThorn13Coloring time by songbird-carter
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Colour Me challenge - Ryky by HionedaColour Me Challenge by KatariiinaPDoodles by zozee9Colour Me-Challenge by YuraBH~ Colour Me Challenge ~ by SezfoxColour Me - Challenge by Cid-Moreira12Color me challenge by NaeliiColour me - CHALLENGE by Ryky by LisiTisaKiColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by JinsuYap
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Colour Me Challenge By Ryky by TiamatsanChallenge #1 by theponytailgirlColour Me by SuasiteColour me by Ryky by ShariMoonVeronica Witch of the Damned by Icedragon529Colour Me   Challenge by napking84
Dark Witch by dududoctorColor Me Challange - by RYKY :) by VikSeopColour me - CHALLENGE by ryky by FusionxViRaLColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by GwydionDesertColour Me   Challenge By Ryky by agateczka21Colour me challenge by Vanilca
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Colour Me -- Challenge by SandpuppetColor Me Challenge by luililie Colour Me Challenge - Saviroosje ENTRY by Saviroosje


Coulour me challenge - part2 feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 2:31 AM


OOOOOOOH woooow .... guys.... i dont know what to say ... i dont have words for you .You all are just INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!!! Every work here is original and unique and absollutely amazing.I love every version here!!!.All the color choices , all the ideas .. just WOW :love: And im so happy you take a time and make my challenge.Its means a lot to me! :hug: .And i hope it was fun!  And because is huge turnout.I will make another challenge soon!I I hope you join again.Last words what i want to say its THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! I love you all!  ENJOY YOUR BREATHTAKING WORKS! 

Ryky Challenge by athenagodofwisdomColour Me Challenge Entry! by ElectricutionChallenge - color me by the-mischievous-foxdA: Ryky's Color Challenge by Pocky-Strawberry-Ari
Colour Me  Challenge by OrliluColour Me   Challenge by Lio-nelColour Me Challange by planiumDie Nacht - Colour Me - challenge by ryky by JonnaRedbirdColour Challenge by Sherly97Colour Me Challenge - Hostis Acrobatia by IrezumizeroColor-Me Challenge - ryky by RunicRhymeColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by ManiaMuppetColour Me Challenge by arceusgirlRYKYS CHALLENGE ACCEPTED by DeadlyonionColour Me Challenge By Ryky by NotecjaColour Me Challenge by Rej-kunColour Me Challenge By Ryky by IVIuraColour Me Challenge By Ryky. by Mr-RingoColour me Challenge by Cybernetic-FangsColour Me Challenge By Ryky by maRchxhaReColour Me  Challenge By Ryky by MatijaDesignColores Gelidis Noctibus by jiko29Colour Me - Challenge by woostersauceColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x My Versi by LeFaye28Colour me Challenge - ryky by Shewii
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Colour Me Challenge by krpapadakisColour Me Challenge by BroyamColour Me   Challenge By Ryky-d7aop7x by MizzJuulColour me Challenge by ryky by skye-keyMalificent Color challenge by Gio-dudeColor Me Challenge by SilentWindFlowerRyky Challenge - ''The Sun Sets'' by Aiobhlain-3142Colour me Challange Entry for Ryky by ChildishNuggetArt Challenge by brookbcox
RYKY Colour Me Challenge by Juuria66untitled by HakuMizukiCoulour me Challenge by HelenasSCARECROW
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ENTRY ON STASH OR OTHERS PAGE-                                                …

part one -…


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 5:49 AM


Commision for Syrazel by rykyRaven by ryky


Under the Lights by rykyElsa by ryky

more demanding COMMISION 55$

Calwen by rykyThe Perfect Rainbow by ryky

with background commision 55$

Red riding hood by rykyI see the light by ryky

Landscapes a Scenery commision 40$

Beautiful Day by rykyLonely Tree by ryky

Clouds commision 30$

The Clouds by rykyThe Paradise by ryky


:bulletblue: Method of payment: PAYPAL
:bulletblue: Payment shall be paid in advance
:bulletblue: If you are interested send me a NOTE with subject COMMISION
:bulletblue: Every +1 charakters  - abtract 15$ +
                                                   colloring 20$ +
                                                                more demanding 30
$ +
                                                                with background  30
$ + 

:bulletred: im not doing portraits of real people
:bulletred: i dont draw animals 



RYKY online internet STORE

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 6:20 AM

Hey guyysss :love: Visit my new internet store and find your product with my pictures :hug: 

you can buy t-shirts,prints,bags,mugs,

Laptop & iPad Skins, Mobile Device Cases & Skins and more !!

Colour me challenge

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 9:17 AM

Hey guys here is new challenge for everyone !! You can use traditional or digital media ,its your choice :3 colors are entirely up to you .Imagination has no limits!!

Just color this picture ... PSD file is in DOWNLOADS Colour me - CHALLENGE by ryky

When you upload your finished work CREDIT ME LIKE THIS :iconryky: or like this 


And i will see this ! :) or you can send me a note with subject: Challenge

every works i feaure in big journal .

:hug: I cant wait to see your finished work :hug:

Have a fun!!! 

Journal Skin by TheWritingDragon
CSS Coding by TheWritingDragon
Frozen (c) Disney

Abstract commision OPEN

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 2:53 AM

:hug: Abstract portrait COMMISION are OPEN  :hug:

:bulletred: Payment  - PAYPAL 
:bulletred: Price - NOW ONLY FOR 28 $

If you are interested send me a note :hug:

Thank you :love: 


Commision for Syrazel by rykyCommison for  JacintaMaree by rykyCommision for WestofWicked by rykyCommision for ruby-whitewolf by rykyCommision for MagiPuvia by rykyCommision for Z-Angaros by rykyCommision for KaileyKoreco by rykyDJbridget - commision by ryky

More from RYKY- add me on my personal Facebook

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 27, 2014, 9:21 AM

Hey my dearest watchers :love:  I'm sure you've noticed that i'm already do not spend much time on DeviantArt now. But every my unfinished work ,pictures ,tutorials,photos and everything else you can see every day on my personal Facebook.And you can chat with me too :hug: but I warn you my english is really bad!! :D So if you read this ADD or FOLLOW me on Facebook..just  if you want. :love:  :hug: I will be very happy.And sorry for spaming stuff abouth my facebook :/   I know I'm annoying :3  anyway THANK YOU MY FRIENDS VERY MUCH  :hug: 

DRAW me challenge FEATURE

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 3, 2014, 3:07 AM

Hey guys, I want to thank you for participating in this challenge. You are absolutely amazing! Each work is something original. Here you can look at all the amazing pictures. If you participated in the challenge but your work is not here then Send me a note please. Enjoy all the amazing works :love: 


Ryky by BonafideNuggetryky by maartje292Draw me Borderlands style by CursyPon3Challenge by Massimo-Weigertryky DRAW ME challenge by RoriWolfRyky by AragornArathornionDRAW ME challenge: Ryky by ZethyaDragonsDRAW ME challenge: Ryky by woostersauce2 Sai by Beauty4BeastRyky by equine-whispererDraw... RYKY! by mattehPotatoDraw me by LunardreamerEmyRyky by MelonDrawsRyky by carol-colorsMustache Me Challenge by Camilla205Draw Me Challenge - ryky by BoFengDrawing challenge- Ryky by MidnightArtDragonDraw me challenge UPDATE by SweetPixieDustRyky by RenavieImaginate by The13th-WarriorRyky Draw Me Challenge by BostonologyRyky by zott0123Drawing of ryky by JACrossGAS POWERED STICK ft. ryky by damita94DRAW ME Challenge from Ryky by kethienRyky Wonka by evilbananalolRyky - Challenge Accepted by Victorian-LoverDraw Me - Challenge from Ryky by Unreal-ForeverRyky's Draw me Challenge! by ShenaniBOOMDraw Challenge by LostinthiscrayonboxUntitled-1 by Tea-lBlueRyky's Draw me Challenge by ohio-nerd99Ryky Portrait Challenge by HuffnstuffRyky's Draw me Challenge by BebbieLeeDraw Me Challenge Thing by Seeker-of-DDraw me contest by  RYKY by AgrumeToxiqueRyky by Chello-ChellosRYKY In Smudge Painting by EmotionalofsorrowFor contest by UtopiansLullabyRyky - Draw Me Challenge by TheOreoMasterRyky's Challenge by MisguidedCheeseTrollify Me: Benjin Chesky by CharibasaSecretFilesPeridot Addiction - Draw me challenge by ryky by SplatoRyky's challenge by 2-FiliRyky's challenge by MorkieMonsterRyky by ParismTutorial : How to draw a ryky by MaryDotDraw him. by yenBiRyky by AnimeNo1FanDRAW ME challenge - attempt by WhiteTeaDragonRyky Drawing Attempt by AinslieMDraw Ryky Challenge by KingVegoDraw Ryky Challenge by By-the-Byryky Challenge by ShadowArt666Draw me challenge ryky by AtelierVanryky challenge by valececilia22Draw Me   Challenge   Feature By Ryky-d738hxy by PRoxy-oQ'draw me' - ryky by kedrednaelRyky by iMonster-AddictRyky Challenge by loveisonthemove3710DRAW ME challenge-Ryky by BenjiLion09Ryky Draw me contest entry by KatragonessDraw Me   Challenge   Feature By Ryky-d738hxy by flyfallfadeRyky Chellenge by DeadPandaINCRyky - drawing by annafuruRyky by T-blanRyky da Handsome by Geneen-Bonesryky by misabeppaRyky's draw me challenge! by Debby1996Ryky's Challenge - Draw Ryky by PittakKryky  challenge by HannaQLeezRyky by finalfreak56Ryky~draw me challenge by fallenmoonmistSketches178 by B321618DRAW ME challenge by sylwia1098RYKY by ArtbyMaryCRealisim Challenge by Minutes-Till-WarEvening by dawnstorm14Ryky drawing challenge step-by-step by annafuruDraw me challenge by SweetPixieDustsuch sparkle sparkle ryky by mattehPotatoDraw RyKy by VivArtsDraw Me Challenge_ryky by FoxyLady300draw me uzugijin by uzugijinChallenge Accepted by clc1997Draw Ryky Challenge by FestratDrawing Challenge - Ryky by VersusShadowRyky Challenge by teabara123

If i dont share your pictures send me a note again please :hug: 
If you still working on this challenge send me a note when you finished :hug:

TAHNK YOU MY FRIENDS VERY VERY MUCH  im so glad i see so many awesome works :love:  Thanks for your support 
Next challenge will be soon.

I love you :love: RYKY 

How to draw fireball

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 8:04 AM

Ryky - Where you find me?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 14, 2014, 9:03 AM

Facebook by Th3EmOo
YouTube by Th3EmOo
Twitter by Th3EmOo

I appreciate every your fav,watch,follow,like,share,comment ...It means a lot to me :love: Thank you 

Hi guys finally i have TWITTER!! yeeaaay :3 :D  ... sooo i will be very very happy if you will follow me :hug:  
Thank so much my friends.. .I love you all :love: 

                 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING 
Hi my dear watchers, i want show you my very talented friend Nicol.She have such a amazing voice :love: 

Enjoy the song 

Amazing tutorials

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 1:02 AM

Because i can't draw human anatomy so well i want  show you someone who does it :D  

:iconnaschi:  Naschi

She have a really nice and useful tutorial .I im sure you gonna like it :love: 

Learn Manga Basics: The Male Puppet by NaschiLearn Manga: Create your World - CC Proportions by Naschi
Learn Manga: Create your World - Charactercreation by Naschi
Learn Manga: Bishounen Boys - Draw the head by NaschiLearn Manga: Emotions by Naschi
Learn Manga: Female Hair Styles by NaschiLearn Manga: body proportions by Naschi

:love: I know i know... She's  AWESOME :love: 
 Thank you Nashi :hug: 

KuldarLeement - art feature

Wed Nov 20, 2013, 3:18 AM

Ok today i want show you awesome digital artist  
His style is amazing and unique .. soo there is :) 


Brofist from god by KuldarLeement Choice Mission by KuldarLeement
Calm by KuldarLeementPixelated birds by KuldarLeement
Galaxy News Radio Antenna by KuldarLeementStellar collision by KuldarLeement

Today i want show you AWESOME :iconthreshthesky: 

Brave: Merida by ThreshTheSky
The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen by ThreshTheSkyThe Avengers: Loki by ThreshTheSky
Les Miserables 2012: Javert by ThreshTheSky          The Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield by ThreshTheSky
Sherlock BBC by ThreshTheSkyPainting of a Friend I: Fireflies by ThreshTheSky

Hi all naruto fans :D I want show you my dear friend :iconnaratthea: .Look at her beautifull fan-arts   :hug:  Im sure you make her happy 

Thank you guys :3 

Rinnegan (Uchiha Madara) by Naratthea Kakashi by Naratthea